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Hi I’m Annie!

My teaching style is dynamic, challenging and safe.I work with a distinct intention at an individual level for each Southern Highlands Yoga student. You can be assured I will coax you and your body into poses safely and methodically, working with you to achieve the best results for you. I like to teach people to use yoga to become stronger in their mind and their body. So, that they can stand firmly in their own circles to become better versions of themselves.

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes allow you to build confidence, skills and strength at your own pace and within your own space

It can be the perfect way to get on the mat if you are just starting out in yoga, or after a break, illness or injury.

Our classes are designed specifically for you and your body. We discuss in advance what you would like to get out of our sessions, then implement a safe plan to suit you and your goals.

You will benefit from my undivided attention in a class designed just for you. The result is that rapid progress can be achieved with your fitness, mindfulness and connectedness.

Our classes can be meditation and pranayama, or they could be posture-correcting confidencebuilding classes in your own home or in our studio.

A private yoga session doesn’t have to be one-on-one; it can be with a friend, family member, or a group of people who can’t make it to our regular timetabled classes. You could even do it as a special weekend or holiday treat!


De-stress before the Dress

A calm, gentle start to your wedding day with yoga.

Give yourself the best opportunity to enjoy everything you have planned for your special day … by starting with a calming, heart-centred yoga session.

Yoga frst thing in the morning will help you stay present in each moment of this most glorious day.

Allow yourself this time of peacefulness and relaxation to join your body and mind and reduce your stress, boost your happiness and promote positive energy and bonding amongst you and your bridesmaids.

Annie, your qualifed yoga instructor, will support and guide you in surrendering to the calmness of the yoga practice, by combining the benefts of stretching and breathing together with a focused mind.

She will come to you on the morning of your wedding, or in the evening before to setle your mind in preparation for your big day.

Practise inhaling positive nurturing breath… which will support you throughout the day and be your “go to” should you need to call on it.

Corporate Yoga

Yoga for the workplace

A safe and nurturing way to inspire your staff

Allow your staff the opportunity to de-stress, have fun and unwind, while you demonstrate how much you care for the health and wellbeing of your team.

Your private yoga class with Annie from Southern Highlands Yoga will be tailored totally to the needs of your people, where they are given the space and opportunity to feel safe and unjudged.

Our yoga will still their over-active minds to a place of bliss and unwind the body’s tensions to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and be ready for inspired work.

Annie, your qualified yoga instructor, will support and guide you and your team in surrendering to the calmness of the yoga practice, by combining the benefits of stretching and breathing together with a focused mind. Your workplace yoga can be regular sessions, one-off team-building exercises or specially scheduled activities. We can do these at your work, in our studios or at an off-site venue of your choice.

Mums And Bubs

A calm, gentle journey with your bub back to you.

Give you and your bub the opportunity to bond and connect after your pregnancy with other Mums and Bubs whilst doing Yoga.

The block course is a 5 week program during which you will build strength, confidence and acceptance of your new role as a Mum. You will engage plenty of eye contact with bub on the mat as you allow the magic of Yoga to guide you through your next journey. There will be plenty of space for you and your bub to do as much or as little as you can on the day.

Annie, your qualified yoga instructor, will support and guide you in surrendering to the calmness of the yoga practice, by combining the benefits of stretching and breathing together with a focused mind.

Practise inhaling positive nurturing breath … which will support you throughout the day and be your “go to” should you need to call on it.

Don’t be afraid of being different.
Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.
A safe and nurturing way to inspire your staff.

Yoga has the benefits of decreased stress, improved strength, balance and flexibility, more energy, healthier decision-making, better overall health and team building.

Give Annie a call on 0410 743 352 to make a booking, or if you have any questions.

More info: www.mittagongyoga.com.au

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Private and Corporate yoga classes available by arrangement.


Shonagh Walker

I've been privileged to have Annie from SHY as my private yoga instructor for six months. When she first came to my home, I was recovering from spinal surgery. Annie started slowly, considering my injuries, with the aim to improve my mobility and fitness so I could achieve my dream of skiing in Colorado. With each class, Annie helped me become stronger and more aware of my body and its limits. After six months, I achieved my goal and I think skied even better than ever before.

Thank you for a great class! xx

Belle Property Canberra

Annie came to Peppers Manor House to teach our team of real estate agents on a corporate retreat. To say it was a wonderful experience is an understatement. Our group is athletic but not used to relaxing. She embraced us and brought us through relaxing sequences, team work and empowerment with handstands! Thank you Annie

Janet Sinclair

Annie is an absolutely wonderful person and yoga teacher. I always leave with a smile on my face, more relaxed, challenged and taller.

Mike Lyon

I asked Annie along to a corporate event to help set the tone for our day. Annie was absolutely fantastic: reading the group, acknowledging small wins and ensuring we were relaxed to enjoy the experience! I would recommend Annie and the experience she brings. She has a wonderful spirit

Lucy Redmond

Annie came to us to do 'Destress before the Dress' for my friend's wedding - she was lovely and a calming influence on all of us! We had the full bridal party (5 girls) in the morning stretching our way through an amazing hour long session, which catered to all experiences: from yogi to newbie! Would highly recommend Annie, she's a great teacher and knew exactly what we needed to make our day run smoothly. Thank you Annie!!

Meg Patey

I have been doing yoga with Annie on Thursday mornings at 6am for eighteen months. It is fantastic! The classes begin with lots of warm ups, before leading into more challenging and varied poses which I love. Annie keeps an eye on us all, and gives excellent guidance into poses. I think strength and flexibility are essential as we age, and I find regular yoga is slowly making me stronger. It is a wonderful way to start my Thursdays. Thank you Annie!

Christine Murray

Annie is a wonderful and dedicated yoga teacher. She gives great instruction so you can really flow along with the style of yoga she teaches, ending up in postures you never knew you could do. I love her classes and have found them challenging and oh so rewarding! I am mentally and physically stronger because of them. And on a personal note Annie is friendly, engaging and very welcoming above and beyond her classes. Namaste x

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    The Benefits

    I believe the benefits of yoga are endless and are different for every body.

    Some people get a great sense of calmness, a wonderful feeling of being grounded.

    Others love the physical challenge of creating new shapes with their bodies, releasing tight areas, turning upside down, losing weight, improving sleep, resolving neck issues, improving flexibility and focus…the list is endless.

    For me, I love the mind space of my mat, nobody else can come into my circle. It is a place where I find quietness, calmness and focus.

    Alignment based Hatha flow has an emphasis on aligning bones and joints and strengthening the muscles whilst cultivating mindfulness. Why not take the first step by simply giving me a call, we can chat about what is going for you, what you would like to achieve, change or improve and how I might be able to support you through yoga in Mittagong.

    I would love to help you.

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    “I remember walking out of the studio after my first Yoga session feeling my feet on the pavement feeling really grounded.”

    That was me after trying Iyengar Yoga for the first time in 2002.

    Back then, I was running my own funky café in Sydney, when I realised I could use some help managing my own stress levels and overall life balance. I wanted to enjoy my life more, whilst building a successful café business and strong relationships. Luckily for me, I chose yoga. I found I was able to drop the reins and be guided into what would be a new beginning for me. The feeling of surrendering to the practice and allowing the magic of yoga to transform and help me to create the life and business I truly wanted; getting better at navigating through the various obstacles my life has presented me with along the way.

    Fast forward a few years, 2 children, the sale of the cafe and a tree change to the Southern Highlands: Life had taken many twists and turns and my body and mind were yearning to get back on the mat. It was after losing my partner to cancer and struggling with depression that I knew that yoga was again the friend I needed in my life…

    The friendship of yoga was still there waiting for me, like a faithful loyal dog. I resumed a regular practice again with local teachers and couldn’t get enough. I was like a sponge absorbing water; I loved it.